Newsletter 6th June 2021

St. Peter’s Parish Church,

Kirk Onchan


6 June 2021- Trinity 1

God of truth, help us to keep your law of love and to walk in ways of wisdom, that we may find true life in Jesus Christ your Son.  Amen


Prayer Diary

The Islands Emergency Services and those people living in Birch Hill Crescent, Hillcrest Grove, Hollydene Avenue.


Bride, Lezayre and North Ramsey  Clergy Vacant Readers Tim Grass, Joan Watson emeritus


Pray for the churchwardens and all who lead worship and celebrate the sacraments during the vacancy.


Those who are struggling in mind, body and spirit that they may know God’s comfort and healing: Sheila Pyatt-Coppell, Sheila Cowley, Olivia Pettigrew, Sandra Caley, Liz Pickering, Roberto Di Chiara, Tara Mackenzie, Jacqueline Mitchell, Stephen MacKenzie, Nicky Morrison, Karen Dugguw and Alex Brew.


Please keep in your prayers all those we know of who are at home and struggling in mind, body and spirit at this time.


Those who have lost loved ones and those we name in the quiet of our hearts


Please remember that we need permission to put names on this list. Please help us to keep this list up to date by keeping us informed of changes.



1 Samuel 8.4-11, 16-20

Mark 3.20-end


? This week’s altar flowers have been kindly donated by Mrs Hazel Hinds ?


Prayers for Daily Life – Trinity

In the power of the Spirit and in union with Christ,

let us pray to the Father.


O God, the creator and preserver of all,

we pray for people in every kind of need;

make your ways known on earth,

your saving health among all nations …


We pray for the Church;

guide and govern us by your good Spirit,

that all who profess and call themselves Christians

may be led into the way of truth,

and hold the faith in unity of spirit,

in the bond of peace and in righteousness of life …


We commend to your fatherly goodness

all those who are any ways afflicted or distressed,

in mind, body or spirit;

comfort and relieve them in their need,

give them patience in their sufferings,

and bring good out of all their afflictions …


We remember those who have gone before us

in the peace of Christ,

and we give you praise for all your faithful ones,

with whom we rejoice in the communion of saints …

All this we ask for Jesus Christ’s sake.

All   Amen.


Letter from the Interim Minister

Dear Friends


As we finally approach my induction service (and yes it does look as if it’s going to happen finally) I want to thank you all for the support and care you have all given to me during the extended period of my interim ministry. I have felt truly blessed to be among you over the last two years and I am looking forward to taking up the mantle of Team Rector.


In our Sunday services we are now moving into the liturgical season of Trinity and we will over the next few weeks be exploring the Old Testament books of 1 and 2 Samuel.  These are two books which describe the history of Israel as a nation focusing on the move to a monarchy with the appointment of Saul and later David as King.  The theme of this sermon series is: ‘Windows to God, Mirrors for the Soul’.


Some of the passages act like a ‘window’ to God, helping us to see something more and to learn something different about God.  At other times as we explore the passages in this season it is as though the passages reflect back to us aspects of what it is to be human, positive and negative, the passages act like ‘mirrors for the soul’ helping us to reflect more of God through our lives.


To get the most out of this series I would encourage you to read 1 and 2 Samuel. You will be familiar with the stories they contain and I hope that we will grow together as we look at this part of God’s story and our story.


God’s blessings, Alessandra


Date Time Event Location/


06/06/21              9:00am




BCP Holy Communion


CW Holy Communion


Choir Practice






08/06/21              7:30pm Induction Service Church
09/06/21            10:30am





BCP Holy Communion


Call in 4 Coffee


Wedding Rehearsal






12/06/21               1:00pm Wedding Church
13/06/21             11:00am







Morning Praise & Baptisms




BCP Holy Communion


Choir Practice



Parish Hall






Onchan, Lonan & Laxey Team Ministry Information


Interim Minister Onchan Alessandra Di Chiara

The Rectory, 18 Windermere Avenue, Onchan Isle of Man, IM3 2DT

Phone 679274 or 210208 or email


Team Vicar Lonan & Laxey Jo Dudley

Phone 861989 or email


Parish Clerk Phone 675797




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If you have any safeguarding issues that you wish to raise please speak to Valerie Coole, our Parish Safeguarding Officer.

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