June Prayer DIary

Diocese of Sodor and Man- Prayer Diary June 2021


Tues 1st

Nicomede, Priest and Martyr

Western Mission Partnership

Team Leader: Nigel Godfrey

The Commissioners of Marown, Michael, German, Patrick, Peel.

Diocesan Spirituality Adviser: Karen Garrett

The Diocese of Canterbury

(Canterbury Province)

Pray for discernment at the Ecumenical European conference: ‘Reconciled with creation: a call for urgent action on climate and biodiversity’.

Wed 2nd

Care for the Family

Traci Lowdon-Stoole

The Diocese of Cape Coast – The Church of the Province of West Africa (Ghana Province)

Pray for the online events at the start of June including

Date in a Box, a men’s event called Run the Race and Raising Teens -Off Script offering support to the parents of teenagers going through very difficult times.

Thu 3rd

Corpus Christi: Day of Thanksgiving for the Institution of the Holy Communion

Maughold, Dhoon and South Ramsey

Clergy: Vacant

Local Minister (Dhoon): Nigel Cretney

The Diocese of Cape Town – The Anglican Church of Southern Africa

God of Love, may your Spirit, a gift beyond imagining, challenge and encourage us we pray, to reach beyond wood and stone to those around us.

Fri 4th

Petroc, Abbot, 6th c

Mothers’ Union

President: Gail Eagles

Chaplain: Ruth K Walker

Secretary: Mary Hobdell

The Diocese of North Eastern Caribbean and Aruba – The Church in the Province of the West Indies

Please pray for the Mothers’ Union, on the Isle of Man, that it may learn how best to serve God’s Kingdom in the future.

Sat 5th

Boniface, Bp, Martyr, 754


Clergy: Joe Heaton, Liz Hull, John Gulland, Roger Harper

Readers: Harry Dawson, Margaret Galloway, Wendy Heaton

The Diocese of Carlisle

(York Province)

Pray for our parish as we resume our activities within our churches and the community.

SUN 6th


Bride, Lezayre and North Ramsey

Clergy: Vacant

Readers: Tim Grass, Joan Watson (emeritus)

The Church of the Province of Myanmar (Burma)

Pray for the churchwardens and all who lead worship and celebrate the sacraments during the vacancy.

Mon 7th

St Matthew (Douglas)

Clergy: Robert Ferguson, Roger Harper, Duncan Whitworth

The Diocese of East Carolina – The Episcopal Church (IV (4) Province)

Please pray for our churchwardens & the members of our PCC.

Tues 8th

Thomas Ken, Bp, Hymn Writer, 1711.


Lieutenant Governor: Sir Richard Gozney

President of Tynwald: The Hon. Stephen Rodan

Chief Minister:  The Hon. Howard Quayle

Speaker: The Hon. Juan Waterson

The Diocese of North Carolina – The Episcopal Church

(IV (4) Province)

Please pray for the Island Spirituality Network.

Wed 9th

Columba, Abbot, 597

Ephrem of Syria, Deacon, Teacher, 373

Lonan and Laxey

Clergy: Jo Dudley

The Diocese of South Carolina – The Episcopal Church

(IV (4) Province)

Please pray that the Holy Spirit will come upon us and stay with us, to lead others to come to know the Lord, or further their faith.

Thu 10th

The Cathedral

Dean: Nigel Godfrey

Campaign Manager: Val Garrett

Chapter and Clerk.

The Diocese of Upper South Carolina – The Episcopal Church

(IV (4) Province)

Pray for the work of Big Table at the Cathedral and for all offering hospitality, some of which have been affected by lockdowns over the past year.

Fri 11th


Diocese of Cashel, Ferns and Ossory

The Rev Canon Patrick Harvey, Incumbent of St Michael and All Angels, Abbeyleix; the Revd Canon Mark Hayden, Incumbent of the Gorey Group of Parishes.

The Diocese of Western North Carolina – The Episcopal Church

(IV (4) Province)

Pray that both dioceses may walk together in ‘the quest for hope and holiness.’

Sat 12th

Marown, Foxdale and Baldwin

Clergy: Janice Ward, Steven Herron

Readers: Nancy Clague, Doug Chalk, Heather Paisley

The Diocese of Cashel Ferns and Ossory – The Church of Ireland

(Dublin Province)

We pray for our parish Eco-Church initiatives, that the small steps we have taken will inspire and grow into bigger strides all the while lighting our footprints on the environment.

SUN 13th



(Scripture Union Ministries Trust)

Team Leader: Ruth Walker

Schools Workers: Sue Yardy, Hannah Grove, Linda Wildman

Gap Year Students: Lexi Brockbank

The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion)

Please pray for Lifepath (the SUMT Year 5 Day) running between 23rd-30th June.  Pray for the volunteers and for everyone to be kept safe.  May all students come ‘away with a greater understanding of God and the Christian faith’.

Mon 14th

Richard Baxter, 1691

Parish of the West Coast

Clergy: Nigel Godfrey, Ruth Walker, Colin Fleetney, Jeanette Hamer, Malcolm Convery, Margaret Burrow, Brian Kelly

Local Ministers: Cheryl Cousins, Graham McAll, Robert Quayle.

Readers: Rosemary Clarke, Denise Gelder, Stephen Hamer and  Karen Garrett.

The Diocese of Chandigarh – The (united) Church of North India

Pray for the Mothers’ Union Quiet Day; for the renewal and re-energising of its members, who continue to reach out to rebuild hope and confidence in those affected by the pandemic.

Tues 15th

Evelyn Underhill 1941

St Ninian (Douglas)

Clergy: John Coldwell, John Guilford, Les Lawrinson

The Diocese of Chelmsford

(Canterbury Province)

We pray for the continued sense of renewal and growth at St Ninian’s as we ease gently into the months of the summer ahead.

Wed 16th

Richard, Bishop of Chichester, 1253

Joseph Butler, Bishop, 1752


Clergy: Alessandra Di Chiara

Readers: Carole Bairstow

The Diocese of Chester

(York Province)

Please pray for St Peter’s as we move forward following the induction of our Team Rector.

Thu 17th

Samuel and Henrietta Barnett, 1913 & 1936

Parish of the Northern Plain

Clergy: Iaen Skidmore

Readers: Peter Ling, Peter Shimmin, Gill Poole

The Diocese of Chhattisgarh – The (united) Church of North India

Please pray for the life of the Church, village & Rural communities in the parish. That together they may grow closer in a common belief in the Resurrected Lord Jesus Christ.

Fri 18th

Bernard Mizeki, Martyr, 1896

Northern Mission Partnership

Team Leader: Vacant

Clergy: David Greenwood, Malcolm Convery, Brian Evans-Smith

The Commissioners of Ramsey, Andreas, Ballaugh, Bride, Jurby, Lezayre, Garff.

The Diocese of Chicago – The Episcopal Church

(V (5) Province)

Please pray for all the clergy & ministers who are helping to support our parishes currently.

Sat 19th

Sundar Singh, Teacher, 1929

Chaplains on the Island

Noble’s Hospital: Philip Frear; Prison and Ramsey Hospital: Brian Evans-Smith; Tynwald: Andie Brown; KWC: Erica Scott; FE College: Daniel Richards; Police: Jo Dudley; Deaf Community: Jeanette Hamer; Rural Community: Irene Cowell

The Diocese of Chichester

(Canterbury Province)

Please pray for all the chaplains who provide ministry across the Island that they may witness to the love of God and help others to be touched by it.

SUN 20th


Diocese of Cashel, Ferns and Ossory

The Very Rev Maria Jansson, Dean and Rector of Christ Church Cathedral, Waterford; The Rev’d Dr Christine O’Dowd-Smyth, Hospital Chaplain.

The Church of North India (United)

Pray that both dioceses may ‘seek through worship and personal encounter to make our response to the human experience of God.’

Mon 21st

Eastern Mission Partnership

Team Leader: Andie Brown

The Commissioners of Garff, Onchan, Braddan and councillors of Douglas

The Diocese of Chotanagpur – The (united) Church of North India

Please pray for the work of St George’s Messy Church Team, & the 40 or more families amongst whom they minister.

Tues 22nd

Alban, first Martyr of Britain, 250.

Etheldreda, Abbess, c.678.

St Thomas’


Clergy: Philip Frear

The Diocese of Christ the King – The Anglican Church of Southern Africa

Pray that those looking forward to reunion with loved ones will not be disappointed by the need to impose further restrictions, as a result of new coronavirus restrictions.

Wed 23rd

Etheldreda, Abbess, c.678.

King William’s College

Principal: Joss Buchanan

Chaplain: Erica Scott

The Diocese of Christchurch – The Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia

Please pray for Erica & her ministry to the staff & pupils.

Thu 24th



Clergy: Daniel Richards, Margaret Fourie

The Diocese of Chubu – The Nippon Sei Ko Kai

Please pray for our children’s work and the events planned to reach the wider community.

Fri 25th

The Diocese

Bishop: Peter Eagles

Bishop’s Chaplain: Michael Brydon

Secretaries: Lorna Cook, Andrew Swithinbank, Michelle Barwood

Registrar, Treasurer & Diocesan Officers.

The Diocese of Clogher – The Church of Ireland

(Armagh Province)

Pray for open minds and hearts, at CMD, as we seek to explore what ‘Living in Love and Faith’ means in practice.

Sat 26th

Jurby BMO

Clergy: William Mackay

The Diocese of the Coast – The Church of Nigeria

(Ondo Province)

Please pray for Revd William and the BMO Steering Group and plans for outreach into the Jurby community.

SUN 27th


Southern Mission Partnership

Team Leader: Joe Heaton

The Commissioners of Arbory, Castletown, Malew, Port Erin, Port St. Mary, Rushen, Santon

The Church of Pakistan (United)

Pray for the Island Spirituality Network and its ecumenical outreach.

Mon 28th

Arbory and Castletown

Clergy: Irene Cowell, Jon Barwood, Colin Barry, Sue Watterson

Reader: Hilary Flynn

The Diocese of Cochin– The (united) Church of South India

Pray for pastoral workers across the Diocese.

Tues 29th



Chaplain to the Prison: Brian Evans-Smith

The Diocese of Coimbatore – The (united) Church of South India

Pray for all those held in prison overseas away from their family & those held without trial.

Wed 30th

Church in the Pub, Sundays at 10

The Cat with no Tail.

Clergy- John Guilford

The Diocese of Colombia – The Episcopal Church (IX (9) Province)

In these uncertain times, please be our rock and refuge. Amen.