Prayer Diary May 2022

Diocese of Sodor and Man- Prayer Diary May 2022

SUN 1st

Care for the Family

Paula Pridham, (Executive Director) Lesley Payne, (Personal Assistant to the Executive Director)

The Episcopal Church in the Philippines

Pray for our Date Night in a Box, later this month. Please pray that couples will engage with the event and that their relationship will be strengthened and bring them closer together.

Mon 2nd


Parish of the Northern Plain

Clergy: Iaen Skidmore

Readers: Peter Ling, Peter Shimmin, Gill Poole

The Diocese of West Lango – The Church of the Province of Uganda

‘Pray for the ministry team and their continuing faithfulness in caring for the people of God; that our communities may be open to the work and leading of the Holy Spirit.’

Tues 3rd

The Western Mission Partnership

Team Leader: Nigel Godfrey
Diocesan Spirituality Adviser: Karen Garrett

The Commissioners of Marown, Michael, German, Patrick and Peel.

The Diocese of Langtang – The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) (Jos Province)

Pray for the Thie dy Vea, Retreat House, that it may be a place of peace and purpose.

Pray for the fellowship between churches, within the Western Mission Partnership, as they gather, this evening, at Dalby.

Wed 4th

The English Saints and Martyrs of the Reformation Era

SUMT (Scripture Union Ministries Trust)

Team Leader: Ruth Walker
Schools Workers: Sue Yardy, Hannah Grove, Linda Wildman, Hannah Elpick, Hannah Grove and Kelly Taylor

The Diocese of Lebombo – The Anglican Church of Southern Africa

Please pray for the team and the directors and ask for them to hear God’s guidance and wisdom in the future leadership of SUMT.

Thu 5th

St Thomas’ (Douglas)

Clergy: Liz Hull

The Diocese of Leeds – The Church of England (York Province)

Pray for the continued renewal of St Thomas’ and our outreach to the community.

Fri 6th

St John the Evangelist, ante Portam Latinam

Marown, Foxdale and Baldwin

Clergy: Janice Ward, Steven Herron

Readers: Nancy Clague, Doug Chalk, Heather Paisley

The Diocese of Leicester – The Church of England (Canterbury Province)

As we celebrate church anniversaries at Marown and St Luke’s, this month, we give thanks for the witness of past generations and pray for God’s vision to guide our future.

Sat 7th

St Matthew (Douglas)

Clergy: Michael Brydon, Robert Ferguson, Roger Harper, Duncan Whitworth

The Diocese of Lesotho – The Anglican Church of Southern Africa

God’s blessing on the harvest of the sea, all seafarers and all whose work is connected with the harbour.

SUN 8th THE FOURTH SUNDAY OF EASTER Julian of Norwich, Spiritual Writer, c. 1417

St Ninian (Douglas)

Clergy: John Coldwell, John Guilford

Eglise Anglicane du Rwanda

As we commemorate the life of Julian of Norwich, spiritual writer, c 1417, pray for the Island Spirituality Network and its work on the Isle of Man.

Mon 9th

Arbory and Castletown

Clergy: Irene Cowell, Jon Barwood, Colin Barry, Sue Watterson

Reader: Hilary Flynn

The Diocese of Lexington – The Episcopal Church (IV (4) Province)

Pray for Arbory and Castletown as they prepare for the interregnum.

Tues 10th


Clergy: Joe Heaton, John Gulland, Roger Harper and Ginny Viner

Readers: Wendy Heaton, Harry Dawson, Margaret Galloway

The Diocese of Liberia – The Church of the Province of West Africa (West Africa Province)

Pray for all carers looking after their loved ones, which can be a hard task day after day.

Wed 11th

Jurby BMO

Clergy: William Mackay

The Diocese of Lichfield – The Church of England (Canterbury Province)

‘Please pray for the Jurby Mission Initiative Steering Group, as we seek to share the good news of the resurrection with Jurby School and Community.’

Thu 12th

Gregory Dix, Priest, Monk, Scholar, 1952


Lieutenant Governor: Lt Gen Sir John Lorimer The President of Tynwald

The Speaker of the House of Keys
The Chief Minister

The Diocese of Limerick & Killaloe – The Church of Ireland (Dublin Province)

Pray for those who exercise ministerial office, for all members of the House of Keys and the Legislative Council.

Fri 13th

Maughold, Dhoon and South Ramsey

Clergy: Lynn Davidson

Local Minister (Dhoon): Nigel Cretney
and Peel.

The Diocese of Lincoln – The Church of England (Canterbury Province)

‘Spirit of Easter, as you fill us with new life, we pray, may we delight in sharing it with others, and rejoice in offering it with joy in our hearts.’

Sat 14th


The Cathedral

Dean: Nigel Godfrey

Campaign Manager: Val Garrett

The Diocese of Litoral Ecuador – The Episcopal Church (IX (9) Province)

We pray for this evening’s European wide event called ‘Night at the Cathedral’ and ask that those visiting, until midnight, will be able to explore the richness and diversity of God’s church on earth.

SUN 15th
Christian Aid Week begins

Lonan and Laxey

Clergy: Jo Dudley

The Scottish Episcopal Church

‘We pray that the knowledge of the Risen Lord will comfort those that have lost loved ones.’
We pray for tonight’s Service of Healing at Baldwin and the start of

Christian Aid Week (15th-22nd)

Mon 16th

Caroline Chisholm, 1877

The Diocese

Bishop: Peter Eagles

Bishop’s Chaplain: Michael Brydon

Secretaries: Lorna Cook, Michelle Barwood Registrar, Treasurer & Diocesan Officers.

The Diocese of Liverpool – The Church of England (York Province)

Within the diocese we pray for all Church Wardens, PCC officers and members, all church volunteers and Liturgical Assistants. We pray also for the Cathedrals’ Conference in Newcastle and the Sodor and Man delegates.

Tues 17th


Clergy: Alessandra Di Chiara

Readers: Carole Bairstow

The Diocese of Liwolo – The Province of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan (Cantral Equatoria Province)

Please pray for the congregation as we consider the way forward for St Peter’s.

Wed 18th

St George and All Saints (Douglas)

Clergy: Vacant

Readers: Charles Flynn Licensed Assistant: Ray Platt

The Diocese of Llandaff – The Church in Wales

Give thanks for the appointment of the Rev Irene Cowell as the next vicar. Pray for the civic life of Douglas remembering the Mayor and Borough Councillors.

Thu 19th

Dunstan, Archbishop, Monastic Reformer, 988

Diocese of Cashel, Ferns and Ossory

Gorey: The Revd Canon Mark Hayden
Carlow: The Revd David White

Castlecomer: The Revd Edna Wakeley
Killenny: The Very Revd Stephen Farrell and The Revd Canon Richard Marsh

The Missionary Diocese of Lodwar – The Anglican Church of Kenya

Pray for the Episcopal Electoral College as it prepares for the election of a new Bishop of the United Dioceses of Cashel, Ferns and Ossory.

Fri 20th

Alcuin, Deacon, Abbot, 804

Chaplains on the Island

Noble’s Hospital: Philip Frear; Prison and Ramsey Hospital: Brian Evans- Smith; KWC: Erica Scott; FE College: Daniel Richards; Police: Jo Dudley; Deaf Community: Jeanette Hamer; Rural Community: Irene Cowell; The Travelling Community: Iaen Skidmore

The Diocese of Lokoja – The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) (Lokoja Province)

Please pray for all the chaplains who provide ministry across the Island. May they minister effectively to their communities and witness faithfully.

Sat 21st

Helena, 330

Bride, Lezayre and North Ramsey

Clergy: Lynn Davidson Readers: Tim Grass, Joan Watson (emeritus)

The Diocese of Lomega – The Province of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan (Cantral Equatoria Province)

Please pray for people of pilgrimage and for ‘Praying the Keeils’ week (21st-28th).

SUN 22nd

Eastern Mission Partnership

Team Leader: Alessandra di Chiara

The Commissioners of Garff, Onchan, Braddan and Councillors of Douglas

Church of the Province of South East Asia

As Christian Aid Week concludes we pray for the most needy and vulnerable, in our world, that they may come to know the ‘Hope that doesn’t disappoint.’

Mon 23rd

Church in the Pub, Sundays at 10
The Cat with no Tail.

Clergy- John Guilford

The Diocese of London – The Church of England (Canterbury Province)

‘Dear Lord of new life – as you have brought Spring into glorious colour, re-energise us in heart and mind, to push on to build your kingdom here in the island. Amen’

Tues 24th

John and Charles Wesley, 1791, 1788


Clergy: Daniel Richards, Margaret Fourie

The Diocese of Long Island – The Episcopal Church (II (2) Province)

Please pray for our children’s work, Sunday School and Confirmation classes, as well as the Bible study group.

Pray for God’s mission for playgroups across the Island and for the nurturing of children in God’s love and care.

Wed 25th

Aldhelm, Bishop, 709 The Venerable Bede, 735

Isle of Man Prison

Chaplain to the Prison: Brian Evans-Smith

The Diocese of Los Angeles – The Episcopal Church (VIII (8) Province)

Pray for those being held in prison away from their families and those held without trial.

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Thu 26th


Parish of the West Coast

Clergy: Nigel Godfrey, Ruth Walker, Colin Fleetney, Jeanette Hamer, Malcolm Convery, Margaret Burrow, Brian Kelly Local Ministers: Cheryl Cousins, Graham McAll, Robert Quayle. Readers: Rosemary Clarke, Denise Gelder, Stephen Hamer and Karen Garrett

The Diocese of Louisiana – The Episcopal Church (IV (4) Province)

‘We pray that although Jesus is hidden from our sight, we are enabled to abide in him by the power and grace of the Holy Spirit.’

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Fri 27th

Mothers’ Union

President: Jeanette Hamer
Chaplain: Ruth K Walker Secretary: Ann Corlett

The Diocese of Western Louisiana – The Episcopal Church (VII (7) Province)

‘We give thanks for God’s gift of reconciliation to Himself through Jesus Christ. We pray that we will each discern opportunities to be agents of His presence, through our words, our prayers and our actions.’

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Sat 28th

Lanfranc, Archbishop, 1089

SUN 29th

Malew and Santan

Clergy : Mark Radcliffe

The Diocese of Luapula – The Church of the Province of Central Africa

Pray for a renewal in faith, hope and commitment within the parish.

We pray for the Island’s TT – for all those taking part, their families and friends, and for all visitors over the next fortnight.

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Northern Mission Partnership

Team Leader: Lynn Davidson

Clergy: David Greenwood, Malcolm Convery, Brian Evans- Smith and Iaen Skidmore.

The Commissioners of Ramsey, Andreas, Ballaugh, Bride, Jurby, Lezayre, Garff.

The Church of South India (United)

Pray for the Rev Lynn Davidson as Northern Mission Partnership leader.

Pray that we may be visionary as we seek, collectively, to share the joy and hope of the kingdom.

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Mon 30th

Josephine Butler, Social Reformer, 1906
Apolo Kivebulaya, 1933

‘Pioneer Church’ (Douglas Bishop’s Mission Order)

Clergy: Alex Brown

The Diocese of Lucknow – The (united) Church of North India

Pray that we continue


to grow gently and to


reach people not


connected to any


church. That God would


give wisdom to us, and


for him to raise up


leaders within our four



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Tues 31st


Southern Mission Partnership

Team Leader: Joe Heaton
The Commissioners of Arbory, Castletown, Malew, Port Erin, Port St. Mary, Rushen and Santon

The Diocese of Lui – The Province of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan (Amadi Province)

Pray for the Island Spirituality Network and its ecumenical outreach.