Prayer Diary August 2021

Diocese of Sodor and Man- Prayer Diary August 2021

SUN 1st

Lammas Day


Clergy: Joe Heaton, Liz Hull, John Gulland, Roger Harper

Readers: Harry Dawson, Margaret Galloway, Wendy Heaton

Church of the Province of South East Asia

Pray for the Beach Mission in Port St Mary (1- 7 August) and for all the children, families and volunteers involved.

Mon 2nd

Parish of the Northern Plain

Clergy: Iaen Skidmore

Readers: Peter Ling, Peter Shimmin, Gill Poole

The Diocese of Dogura – The Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea

Please pray that in the reorganization of the Parish of the Northern Plain that God will be served more effectively in the future and that God’s will be done.

Tues 3rd

Maughold, Dhoon and South Ramsey

Clergy: Vacant

Local Minister (Dhoon): Nigel Cretney

The Diocese of Doko – The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) (Lokoja Province)

Lord, the heartbeat of the universe, we pray, may your energy and zest be reflected in our living and strengthen us to give of ourselves in work, worship and play.

Wed 4th

Jean-Baptiste Vianney, Cure´ d’Ars

Western Mission Partnership

Clergy: Nigel Godfrey, Ruth Walker, Colin Fleetney, Jeanette Hamer, Malcolm Convery, Margaret Burrow, Brian Kelly Local Ministers: Cheryl Cousins, Graham McAll, Robert Quayle. Readers: Rosemary Clarke, Denise Gelder, Stephen Hamer and Karen Garrett.

The Diocese of Dominican Republic – The Episcopal Church (IX (9) Province)

Pray for the Pastoral Meeting to be held this month and for all pastoral visitors on the Island. We pray too for Alessandra di Chiara as she helps develop pastoral skills across the Island.

Thu 5th

Oswald, King, Martyr, 642

St George’s, Douglas

Clergy: Vacant
Reader: Charles Flynn Licensed Assistant: Ray Platt

The Diocese of Donarkal – The (united) Church of South India

May the parish representatives be granted wisdom to discern whom the Lord calls as the next vicar.

Fri 6th


Bride, Lezayre and North Ramsey

Clergy: Vacant

Readers: Tim Grass, Joan Watson (emeritus)

The Diocese of Down and Dromore – The Church of Ireland (Armagh Province)

Pray for the churchwardens and for the Rev’d Glynn Jones, the newly arrived interim minister.

Sat 7th

The Name of Jesus John Mason Neale, Priest, Hymn writer, 1866

St Matthew (Douglas)

Clergy: Robert Ferguson, Roger Harper, Duncan Whitworth

The Diocese of Dublin and Glendalough – The Church of Ireland (Dublin Province)

Please pray for our churchwardens, PCC and the priests who care for us.

SUN 8th


Dean: Nigel Godfrey

Campaign Manager: Val Garrett

The Church of South India (United)

Pray for Peel Lifeboat Service – for those who work at sea and for all those who keep our shipping safe.

Mon 9th

Mary Sumner 1921

Mothers’ Union

President: Gail Eagles Chaplain: Ruth K Walker Secretary: Mary Hobdell

The Diocese of Duk – The Province of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan(Jonglei Province)

We remember the words of our Founder, Mary Sumner: ‘All this day, O Lord, let me touch as many lives as possible for Thee…’

Tues 10th

Laurence, Deacon, Martyr, 258

SUMT (Scripture Union Ministries Trust)

Team Leader: Ruth Walker

Schools Workers: Sue Yardy, Hannah Grove, Linda Wildman

Gap Year Students: Lexi Brockbank

The Diocese of Dunedin – The Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia (Pakena Tikanga)

Giving thanks for Firestarter (a residential camp for 11-16 years) and praying that relationships have been built with those who do not come to church.
For the SUMT team to have a good rest at the end of a busy year.

Wed 11th

Claire of Assisi, 1253

Diocese of Cashel, Ferns and Ossory

The Rev’d Canon Brian O’Rourke, rector of the Tudlow Group; the Rev’d Alec Purser of the Stradbally Union of Parishes and the Rev’d Kevin Ronne´ of Dunleckney.

The Diocese of Dunkwa- on-Offin – The Church of the Province of West Africa (Ghana Province)

Pray for the continued friendship and mutual support between Sodor and Man and the Diocese of Cashel, Ferns and Ossory.

Thu 12th

Marown, Foxdale and Baldwin

Clergy: Janice Ward, Steven Herron

Readers: Nancy Clague, Doug Chalk, Heather Paisley

The Diocese of Durgapur – The (united) Church of North India

We pray for the most vulnerable members of our communities, healing for the ill, comfort for the bereaved, peace for the anxious and rest for the weary.

Fri 13th

Octavia Hill, 1912; Jeremy Taylor, Bishop, Teacher, 1667; Florence Nightingale, 1910


Lieutenant Governor: Sir Richard Gozney President of Tynwald: The Hon. Laurence Skelly Chief Minister: The Hon. Howard Quayle

Speaker: The Hon. Juan Waterson

The Diocese of Durham – The Church of England (York Province)

Pray for Elizabeth II, Lord of Mann, and all those who exercise authority in her name. May they be granted both wisdom and a spirit of service to others.

Sat 14th

Maximillian Kolbe, Martyr, 1941

Lonan and Laxey

Clergy: Jo Dudley

The Diocese of Dutse – The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) (Kaduna Province)

‘We pray that we will all find time to rest awhile in the busy world around us.’

SUN 15th

St Ninian (Douglas)

Clergy: John Coldwell, John Guilford, Les Lawrinson

The Anglican Church of Southern Africa

We pray for a restful and restorative summer break, so we find ourselves renewed in readiness for late summer and early autumn.

Mon 16th


Clergy: Alessandra Di Chiara

Readers: Carole Bairstow

The Diocese of Easton – The Episcopal Church (III (3) Province)

Please pray for our pastoral team as they take up their new ro^le.

Tues 17th

Care for the Family

Traci Lowdon-Stoole

The Diocese of Eau Claire – The Episcopal Church (V (5) Province)

Pray for our decision- makers as they move cautiously forward in the current Covid climates in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man.

Wed 18th

Northern Mission Partnership

Team Leader: Vacant

Clergy: David Greenwood, Malcolm Convery, Brian Evans- Smith

The Commissioners of Ramsey, Andreas, Ballaugh, Bride, Jurby, Lezayre, Garff.

The Diocese of Central Ecuador – The Episcopal Church (IX (9) Province)

Pray for those people who may take holidays this month, that they may be rested and refreshed.

Thu 19th

Chaplains on the Island

Noble’s Hospital: Philip Frear; Prison and Ramsey Hospital: Brian Evans- Smith; Tynwald: Andie Brown; KWC: Erica Scott; FE College: Daniel Richards; Police: Jo Dudley; Deaf Community: Jeanette Hamer; Rural Community: Irene Cowell

The Diocese of Edinburgh – The Scottish Episcopal Church

Please pray for all the chaplains who provide ministry across the Island that they may witness to the love of God and help others to be touched by it.

Fri 20th

William and Catherine Booth, 1912, 1890 Bernard of Clairvaux, Teacher, 1153

Diocese of Cashel, Ferns and Ossory

The Rev’d Ian Coulter, priest-in-charge of Templemore and the Rev’d Richard Seymour- Whiteley, rector of the Rathdowney Union.

The Diocese of Edmonton – The Anglican Church of Canada (Rupert’s Land Province)

Pray and give thanks for all those who give time and commitment in the form of lay ministry in both Sodor and Man and Cashel, Ferns and Ossory.

Sat 21st

St Thomas’ (Douglas)

Clergy: Philip Frear

The Diocese of Saint Edmundsbury & Ipswich – The Church of England (Canterbury Province)

As the pandemic continues, please pray for a fair and rapid distribution of vaccines across the world.

Sun 22

Eastern Mission Partnership

Team Leader: Vacant

The Commissioners of Garff, Onchan, Braddan and councillors of Douglas

The Anglican Church of South America

Pray for those who suffer for their faith throughout the world that they are sustained by hope.

Mon 23rd

Douglas Bishop’s Mission Order: Pioneer Church

Clergy: Alex Brown

The Diocese of Egba – The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) (Lagos Province)

Pray that we continue to reach out to groups the church struggles to reach and that we sense God’s direction and timing as we seek to grow in the areas he leads.

Tues 24th



Clergy: Daniel Richards, Margaret Fourie

The Diocese of Egba West – The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) (Lagos Province)

Please pray for safe travel for all who are on holiday and quick recovery for those who are ill at this time.

Wed 25th

The Diocese

Bishop: Peter Eagles

Bishop’s Chaplain: Michael Brydon

Secretaries: Lorna Cook, Andrew Swithinbank, Michelle Barwood Registrar, Treasurer & Diocesan Officers.

The Diocese of Egbu – The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) (Owerii Province)

Pray for open minds and hearts, at CMD, as we continue to explore our faith.

Thu 26th

Jurby BMO

Clergy: William Mackay

The Diocese of Egypt – The Episcopal/Anglican Province of Alexandria

Please pray for the Revd William Mackay and the BMO Steering Group; may their plans for outreach into the Jurby community be blessed.

Fri 27th

Monica, 387

Western Mission Partnership

Team Leader: Nigel Godfrey

The Commissioners of Marown, Michael, German, Patrick, Peel.

Diocesan Spirituality Adviser: Karen Garrett

The Missionary Diocese of Eha-Amufu – The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communioin) (Enugu Province)

We pray for continued working together in the W.M.P. May relationships be strengthened and be a springboard to fresh expressions of mission and creativity in community outreach.

Sat 28th

Arbory and Castletown

Clergy: Irene Cowell, Jon Barwood, Colin Barry, Sue Watterson

Reader: Hilary Flynn

The Diocese of Ekiti – The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) (Ondu Province)

Pray for family and children’s ministry at Arbory and for Cafe´ Church in Castletown.

Sun 29th


Chaplain to the Prison: Brian Evans-Smith

Province of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan

Pray for all those held in prison overseas away from their family & those held without trial.

Mon 30th

John Bunyan, Spiritual Writer, 1688

Church in the Pub, Sundays at 10
The Cat with no Tail.

Clergy- John Guilford

The Diocese of Ekiti Kwara – The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) (Ibadan Province)

‘Dear Lord, during these uncertain times, remind us we can rest in you, who will give us peace of heart and mind. Amen.’

Tues 31st

Aidan, Bishop, Missionary, 651

Southern Mission Partnership

Team Leader: Joe Heaton
The Commissioners of Arbory, Castletown, Malew, Port Erin, Port St. Mary, Rushen, Santon

The Diocese of Ekiti Oke – The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) (Ondo Province)

Pray for the Island Spirituality Network and its ecumenical outreach.