Prayer Diary – May 2021

Diocese of Sodor and Man- Prayer Diary May 2021

Sat 1st


Care For The Family

Traci Lowdon-Stoole

The Diocese of British Columbia – The Anglican Church of Canada (BC and Yukon Province)

Pray for the online launch of A Mind of Their Own; hour long online sessions to help young people build resilience. Viewable over 11-13 May, between 8pm-12pm

Date in a Box. Offline a real box to help couples build their relationships. Online 6th May for one hour at any time between 8pm-midnight.

Sun 2nd


The Cathedral

Dean: Nigel Godfrey

Campaign Manager: Val Garrett


Chapter and Clerk.

The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and The Middle East


Pray for the Cathedral Gift Day and its resourcing. May the gifts received allow the Cathedral to move forward with its vision and development.

Mon 3rd

Invention (Finding of the Cross)


Maughold, Dhoon and South Ramsey


Clergy: Vacant

Local Minister (Dhoon): Nigel Cretney

The Diocese of Central Buganda – The Church of the Province of Uganda


Lord, rooted in Jesus we are witnesses to your love and we pray that it will be a real and rich blessing to all who will listen.

Tue 4th

Saints and Martyrs of the Reformation Era

Mothers’ Union

President: Gail Eagles

Chaplain: Ruth K Walker

Secretary: Mary Hobdell

The Diocese of West Buganda – The Church of the Province of Uganda


‘Breathe on us breath of God, fill us with life anew.’

Wed 5th


Clergy: Joe Heaton, Liz Hull, John Gulland, Roger Harper


Readers: Harry Dawson, Margaret Galloway, Wendy Heaton

The Diocese of Buhiga – The Anglican Church of Burundi


For all who bring us ministry week by week.

Thurs 6th

St John the Evangelist, ante Portam Latinam

Bride, Lezayre and North Ramsey


Clergy: Vacant


Readers: Tim Grass, Joan Watson (emeritus)

The Diocese of Bujumbura – The Anglican Church of Burundi

Pray for the churchwardens and all who lead worship and celebrate the sacraments during the vacancy

Fri 7th


St Matthew (Douglas)


Clergy: Robert Ferguson, Roger Harper, Duncan Whitworth

The Diocese of Bukavu -Province of de L’Eglise Anglicane Du Congo

Please pray for our churchwardens & the members of our PCC.

Sat 8th

Julian of Norwich, Spiritual Writer, c.1417



Lieutenant Governor: Sir Richard Gozney

President of Tynwald: The Hon. Stephen Rodan

Chief Minister: The Hon. Howard Quayle

Speaker: The Hon. Juan Waterson

The Diocese of Bukedi – The Church of the Province of Uganda

Please pray for the Island Spirituality Network and its meeting, today, about the costly lament of contemporary Christianity.

Sun 9th



Lonan and Laxey

Clergy: Jo Dudley

The Anglican Church of Kenya


Please pray for farmers, their crops and livestock, and for kind weather to produce a good harvest.

Mon 10th


Western Mission Partnership


Team Leader: Nigel Godfrey


The Commissioners of Marown, Michael, German, Patrick, Peel.

The Diocese of Bunbury – The Anglican Church of Australia (Western Australia Province)


Pray for the WMP fellowship as they prepare to meet for fellowship at St John’s Mill. Pray also for Christian Aid with its appeal to help those suffering from droughts or floods.

Tue 11th

Diocese of Cashel, Ferns and Ossory


For the Very Revd Tom Gordon, Dean of Leighlin Cathedral. For the Venerable Bob Gray, Archdeacon of Ferns.

The Diocese of Bungoma – The Anglican Church of Kenya


Pray that both dioceses may walk together in ‘the quest for hope an holiness.’

Wed 12th

Gregory Dix, Priest, Monk, Scholar, 1952


Marown, Foxdale and Baldwin


Clergy: Janice Ward, Steven Herron


Readers: Nancy Clague, Doug Chalk, Heather Paisley

The Diocese of Bunyoro-Kitara – The Church of the Province of Uganda


We pray for local businesses as we come out of another lockdown; especially for those who are struggling to keep going and for staff fearful for their jobs.

Thu 13th


Thy Kingdom Come



(Scripture Union Ministries Trust)

Team Leader: Ruth Walker

Schools Workers: Sue Yardy, Hannah Grove, Linda Wildman

Gap Year Students: Lexi Brockbank

The Diocese of Busan – The Anglican Church of Korea


For the residential weekend over 28th-30th; that the young people involved grow in their relationship with God. For volunteers to help at Lifepath

Fri 14th


Thy Kingdom Come



Clergy: Alessandra Di Chiara (Interim)


Readers: Carole Bairstow

The Diocese of Busoga – The Church of the Province of Uganda


Please pray for our congregation & people of Onchan, especially those living alone & all with underlying health conditions.

Sat 15th

Thy Kingdom Come

St Ninian (Douglas)

Clergy: John Coldwell, John Guilford, Les Lawrinson

The Diocese of Central Busoga – The Church of the Province of Uganda


Pray for the Ecumenical Safeguarding Seminar at St John’s Mill as it works for the safety and wellbeing of people.

Sun 16th


Thy Kingdom Come

Parish of the West Coast

Clergy: Nigel Godfrey, Ruth Walker, Colin Fleetney, Jeanette Hamer, Malcolm Convery, Margaret Burrow, Brian Kelly

Local Ministers: Cheryl Cousins, Graham McAll, Robert Quayle.

Readers: Rosemary Clarke, Denise Gelder, Stephen Hamer

The Anglican Church of Korea


Pray for all Christian Aid support activities being held across the Parish of the West Coast and the wider diocese, including the Cathedral brunches.

Mon 17th

Thy Kingdom Come

Parish of the Northern Plain



Clergy: Iaen Skidmore


Readers: Peter Ling, Peter Shimmin, Gill Poole

The Diocese of Butare – Eglise Anglicane du Rwanda


Please pray for the life of the Church, village & Rural communities in the parish. That together they may grow closer in a common belief in the Resurrected Lord Jesus Christ.

Tue 18th

Thy Kingdom Come


Northern Mission Partnership

Team Leader: Vacant


Clergy: David Greenwood, Malcolm Convery, Brian Evans-Smith


The Commissioners of Ramsey, Andreas, Ballaugh, Bride, Jurby, Lezayre, Garff.

The Diocese of Butere – The Anglican Church of Kenya

Please pray for all the clergy & ministers who are helping to support our parishes currently.

Wed 19th

Dunstan, Archbishop, Monastic Reformer, 988

Thy Kingdom Come

Chaplains on the Island






Noble’s Hospital: Philip Frear; Prison and Ramsey Hospital: Brian Evans-Smith; Tynwald: Andie Brown; KWC: Erica Scott; FE College: Daniel Richards; Police: Jo Dudley; Deaf Community: Jeanette Hamer; Rural Community: Irene Cowell

The Diocese of Buye – The Anglican Church of Burundi


Please pray for all the chaplains who provide ministry across the Island that they may witness to the love of God and help others to be touched by it.


Thu 20th

Alcuin, Deacon, Abbot, 804

Thy Kingdom Come

The Lambeth Conference

For the bishops who will visit our diocese.

Bishop Douglas Fisher of Western Massachusetts and Bishop John Lupaa of Rift Valley in Tanzania.

The Diocese of Byumba – Eglise Anglicane du Rwanda


Please pray for preparations for the Lambeth Conference, to take place in summer 2022.

Fri 21st

Helena, 330

Thy Kingdom Come

Eastern Mission Partnership


Team Leader: Andie Brown


The Commissioners of Garff, Onchan, Braddan and councillors of Douglas

The Diocese of Calabar – The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) (Niger Delta Province)


Please pray for the work of St George’s Messy Church Team, & the 40 or more families amongst whom they minister.

Sat 22nd

Thy Kingdom Come


St Thomas’



Clergy: Philip Frear

The Diocese of Calcutta – The (united) Church of North India

Pray for businesses in the town centre as they reopen.

Sun 23rd


Thy Kingdom Come

King William’s College

Principal: Joss Buchanan


Chaplain: Erica Scott

The Anglican Church of Melanesia


Please pray for Erica & her ministry to the staff & pupils.


Mon 24th

John and Charles Wesley, 1791, 1788


Clergy: Daniel Richards, Margaret Fourie


The Diocese of Caledonia – The Anglican Church of Canada (BC and Yukon Province)

Pray for our work with young people; that we may inspire them to be involved with church work.


The Venerable Bede, 735


The Diocese

Bishop: Peter Eagles


Bishop’s Chaplain: Michael Brydon


Secretaries: Lorna Cook, Andrew Swithinbank, Michelle Barwood

Registrar, Treasurer & Diocesan Officers.

The Diocese of Calgary – The Anglican Church of Canada (Rupert

Please pray that we may be visionary as we seek, collectively, to share the joy and hope of the kingdom of God.

Wed 26th

Augustine of Canterbury, 605


Jurby BMO

Clergy: William Mackay

The Diocese of California – The Episcopal Church (VII (8) Province)


Please pray for William & the Jurby Steering Group, for new people attending St Patrick’s,

& for outreach plans to the Jurby Community.

Thu 27th



Southern Mission Partnership


Team Leader: Joe Heaton

The Commissioners of Arbory, Castletown, Malew, Port Erin, Port St. Mary, Rushen, Santon

The Diocese of Northern California – The Episcopal Church (VII (8) Province)


Pray for the Island Spirituality Network and its ecumenical outreach.

Fri 28th

Lanfranc, Archbishop, 1089

Arbory and Castletown


Clergy: Irene Cowell, Jon Barwood, Colin Barry, Sue Watterson


Reader: Hilary Flynn

The Diocese of Cameroon – The Church of the Province of West Africa (West Africa Province)

Pray for pastoral workers across the Diocese.


Sat 29th



Chaplain to the Prison: Brian Evans-Smith

The Diocese of El Camino Real – The Episcopal Church (VII (8) Province)

Pray for all those held in prison overseas away from their family & those held without trial.

Sun 30th



Church in the Pub, Sundays at 10

The Cat with no Tail.

Clergy- John Guilford

La Iglesia Anglicana de Mexico


Dear Lord, Lift up the downcast into your marvellous light. Amen.

Mon 31st



Cashel, Ferns and Ossory

The Revd Alex Morahan, chaplain to Kilkenny College.

The Revd Nicola Halford, Rector of Enniscorthy and Monart Union.

The Revd Máirt Hanley, Baltinglass St Mary.

The Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn – The Anglican Church of Australia (New South Wales Province)

Pray that both dioceses may ‘seek through worship and personal encounter to make our response to the human experience of God.’