Newsletter - 3rd May 2020

St. Peter’s Parish Church,

Kirk Onchan


3 May 2020 – Easter 4




Risen Christ, faithful shepherd of your Father’s sheep: teach us to hear your voice and to follow your command, that all your people may be gathered into one flock, to the glory of God the Father.  Amen


Prayer Diary

The Worship & Mission of St. Peter's and those people living in Abbeylands and Tromode.


Niall Quayle and Hannah Samuels, both nurses working in the community, who were due to be married at St Peter's this year. Pray for God to keep them safe as they go about their duties.


Maughold, Dhoon and South Ramsey

Local Minister of Dhoon Nigel Cretney


Living Christ, we pray in these troubled times for those weary, hurt and worn that despair is transformed into hope, and may we know, in all our living, you in us, our life in you.


Those who are struggling in mind, body & spirit that they may know God’s comfort & healing: Sheila Pyatt-Coppell, Sheila Cowley, Olivia Pettigrew, Sandra Caley, Margaret Somers & Jill Dugdale.

Those who have lost loved ones & in particular the family & friends of: Margaret Joan Paterson, Alan Anderson, John Kermode, Arthur Gillatt, Iris Cardy, Beryl Copley, Marjorie & Tom Kelly.

And those we name in the quiet of our hearts. Amen

Please remember that we need permission to put names on this list. Please help us to keep this list up to date by keeping us informed of changes.





Acts 2:42 to end.                                        John 10:1-10






Letter from the Interim Minister


Dear All


We are now heading into the 6th week of lockdown and I imagine that the frustrations we are experiencing may be building for some of us.  For others you may have come into your own in terms of tapping into your unrealised creativity in fun and new ways. With the easing of restrictions here on the island I think it is a good time to raise our eyes upwards to God, to give thanks for his sustaining power and to reach out in new ways to others in need.  Christian Aid week is just such an opportunity (see below).  In addition we are now in a position to start up some groups on line to study the Bible (see below).  Our Sunday reading from Acts is a wonderful inspiration as we read how the early Christian community came together in unity to provide for the needs of others - the poorest among them and to focus on God's word.


I pray that you will continue to be sustained in and through God's power in the weeks ahead and may God bless you and keep you until we meet again.





Bible Study

Just as the pandemic broke out we were about to start up some small Bible Study groups to look at the Bible Course.  I now have a licence for Zoom which will allow us to set up regular groups online. If you would like to be involved in one of these groups please email or ring me. We will then confirm times and dates and I will ensure that the manual for the course is dropped off at your house. Please note the course will mean that you will have to do some Bible reading in between the sessions.  Alessandra



Onchan Churchyard – Reopening to Visitors

Due to the relaxation of some of the restrictions in the Covid-19 Emergency Powers, Onchan Burial Authority are happy to say that the churchyard at St Peter’s church reopened on Friday 24 April.  Thank you for your continued support in this difficult time.


Christian Aid

Christian Aid Week is approaching (10th -16th May).  Across the island we are aiming for a target for donations of £20,000.  If we reach this target then the IOM Government will match it £ for £. The donations will be used to help families through the Bees for Burundi project, renewable energy and gender empowerment, increasing income for farmers in Burundi.  Given that the effects of the pandemic are projected to be catastrophic for the developing world, I would encourage you to please make a donation and be as generous as you can. 


Elaine Litherland has agreed to act as the contact point.  Please send your cheques made payable to 'Christian Aid' to the Parish Office.  She will pick them up from there. 



Prayers for Daily Life


Living God, save us from confining your activity to the distant past and the far off future.


Give us the courage to expect your action in the world as it is as you bring new life to birth before our eyes.


Give us the vigilance to watch for the movement of your spirit in the tumult of nations and the voices of nature in the cultures which are strange to us and in the religious traditions which we find hard to understand.


Give us the vision to sense your hand upon our future as we come to terms with the changed patterns of work and leisure, as we discover new truths about the universe and as we explore the beginning and end of human existence.


Living Jesus become for us the Resurrection each day as we seek to live gloriously and responsibly by your love (David Jenkins 1997).


Please continue to pray for:

  • Maintaining critical supplies
  • For the island to continue coming together
  • For the end of the virus
  • Our older generation
  • The vulnerable
  • Protection of young people
  • For businesses
  • For those falling between the cracks both in terms of support and isolation
  • For the food bank 



St Peter’s Parish Office, Churchyard Car Park,

Church Road, Onchan, Isle of Man, IM3 1BF



Onchan, Lonan & Laxey Team Ministry Information


Interim Minister Onchan Alessandra Di Chiara

The Vicarage, 62 Ballabrooie Way, Douglas IM1 4HB

Phone 679274 or 210208

 or email


Team Vicar Lonan & Laxey Jo Dudley Phone 861989

or email

    Phone 675797


Facebook St Peter’s Church, Onchan


The contact for Onchan Parish Hall is Elaine Cory 416669

or email or contact us on Facebook



The Parish Office is closed

And the Parish Clerk is working from home. 

Please phone 675797 or



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