Onchan Burial Authority - Closure of Onchan Churchyard

To all our visitors,

We are very sorry to announce that, in accordance with all Stay At Home advice and current restrictions regarding coronavirus and the use of premises, the Churchyard will close to the general public with immediate effect and will only be open for funerals.

If you are using the right of way which gives access between Royal Ave and Church Road we would kindly ask you to stick strictly to the path and ask you to make your way through the churchyard as quickly as is practicable and safe.

We know this comes at the very worst time for many of us, who use the Easter weekend to visit graves and lay flowers and memorials for loved ones. 

We wish this decision were not the case so please know it is not taken lightly and is under regular review. As we cannot encourage the potential for large numbers of people to inadvertently gather at a time where this traditionally happens, and are not in a position to police such gatherings as other venues can (such as shops etc.), we make this decision in order to keep everyone safe. We must also take the welfare of our staff into consideration, and cannot put them at risk at such a fragile time.

Thank you for your understanding and we will endeavour to open the churchyard as soon as possible. Until then, please do follow all the necessary guidance of social distancing and hygiene.

We pray that Easter is a hopeful and peaceful time for you all.